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How To Buy Lingerie For Your Partner

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Buying the perfect set of lingerie for your partner can be pretty intimidating. It always sounds like a great idea, until you step into the store. The variety of styles, colors, sizes and not to mention, taking the risk of being a lone male in a lingerie boutique, without looking like a creeper can be pretty challenging. There is a way you can ease the pain and turn what could be an anxiety rich experience into a fun, sexy adventure: one you can bring your partner along to!

So Many Choices

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You could choose to go alone, if bringing your partner also sounds like an embarrassing idea to you. Being alone in a lingerie boutique shopping for someone else can turn out to be a pretty uncomfortable experience in itself, as there are just so many variables in women's lingerie. Also, most lingerie does not come in standard sizes. Lingerie sizes also vary from brand to brand.

Just because you peeked into her drawer of intimates, does not mean her 34C bra at home will be the same 34C at Agent Provocateur and most women don’t have their bra size right to begin with. Nobody likes getting any type of lingerie that fits too small or has an awkward fit. That could ruin the entire romantic part of the evening! But, alas, if you must shop alone, go for a baby doll or teddy style. These styles are pretty forgiving on most body types. Lingerie boutiques also carry gowns and slips that are incredibly sexy. They also flatter most body shapes. Black lace is always a classic in lingerie. Most of the styles listed above come in black lace and look great on any woman regardless of size!

What Not To Do

Make sure you do not turn this into your fantasy for the night, unless you know for a fact, that she is cool with that. What you think might look sexy on your partner, may not be the same thing that makes her feel sexy. Always make sure you pick out something that represents who she is and her sense of style. Not all women can look good or feel good in a skinny thong and garter belt. What one woman would wear is not necessarily the same for another woman. Always ask her taste in lingerie before buying. Shopping in the dark is a lot more work.

A Romantic Experience

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Bringing your partner along will not only alleviate any stress on your part, but it will also ensure that you do not make a bad purchase. Tell her you would love to shop together and buy her something sexy for the bedroom. This way she buys something she feels good in, not just looks good in. It will be guaranteed that she is getting something that she feels comfortable and sexy in, because that is what matters most.

Visit a smaller lingerie boutique as these can provide a more romantic experience. Some even have champagne on hand!. You can also call ahead to get an idea of how things work. This will make your partner feel special and enhance the experience all together. When done right, whether shopping on your own, or sharing a romantic experience together, your partner should feel confident and sexy, and an amazing night full of lingerie fun is ahead. You can also always check out sites like Las Vegas Escorts for the best places to shop for lingerie.

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