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My name is Shania, and I thank you for checking out my profile! Would you like me to dance for you? I have a routine that puts all the other the girls to shame. As a Las Vegas escort and striptease specialist, I have danced for countless single men, couples and bachelor parties. Those spending time with me sing my praises because I am an engaging, fun entertainer who is always thinking outside the box.

The minute the music starts, my hips start moving, and the clothes slowly come off. I will be thinking about the many ways I can please you once I am naked. Most of what I do will shock and amaze you, even by Las Vegas standards. One of the most erotic things I’ve done was partake in a nude photo shoot where I was tasked with handling a snake that was slithering over my body while I posed for photos. It was somewhat frightening, but the eroticism I felt and the mesmerized looks on the faces of my audience trumped my trepidation. I love pushing my limits and the limits of those around me.

Something less risqué, but equally arousing to me is the request I dance in the shower or take my show to the hot tub! There is something about the water cascading over my body that excites me and makes me throb. The warm liquid gliding over me feels like soft hands and lips, swirling around as I rub soap all over. Steam takes my breath away as I imagine the breathlessness of climaxing, leaving me yearning for release. Hot water beating on my ass reddens my tanned skin, as if I was spanked! Oh the thought of a spanking! Being watched excites me. I love being dangerously close to climax in front of men. And women! I want to feel the tension build between us, knowing that at any moment we could easily cross the line between bad and downright naughty.

Erotic experiences normal girls say no to are the ones that turn me on the most. I’m anything but a prude. Even when maintaining my virginity in high school, I treated boyfriends to some very creative petting sessions! I look for the sexuality in the simplest of things. A perfect date for me is something physical like horseback riding or buckling into an intense thrill ride. Anything that quickens my pulse is a perfect precursor to a sexually charged grand finale.

I enjoy physical and social interaction with anyone, man or woman. I do some of my finest work with couples. Knowing our time together will be something a couple feeds off of in the bedroom once they rejoin the real world pleases me to no end. Couples like how engaging I am, making sure both are into what I have in my bag of tricks!

Let’s get together and party tonight. You can bring a friend if you like, or I can bring a friend! Let me know what you’re in the mood for, and don’t be shy when you tell me what to do later. There is very little I won't do. Use your imagination and come up with your naughtiest scenario. See if you can make me blush. I bet you can’t!

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Disclaimer: Money exchanged for outcall entertainment services is for Shania's time and companionship only 😍.