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Let me answer three questions that are likely on your mind: I'm nineteen, I'm from Brazil, and yes, I am very sexy. I'm surprised my phone isn't ringing yet. I provide the best entertainment in Las Vegas. I am every man's dream, but I will be yours, and yours only, for the next few hours. Or I can stay the entire evening, whichever you prefer. I'll strip slowly, performing the Brazilian dance called the Samba. Americans call it “The Love Dance” because it is like making love with your clothes on. However, my clothes do not stay on for long. You will not be disappointed in my rock-hard body with large, all-natural breasts. My C-cups runneth over! Call me so I am gyrating my hips in your direction tonight. Make sure that you are the one admiring my round breasts as they bounce to the magical beat of the Samba. Something else we Brazilians are known for is our round, firm asses. I enjoy running my hands all over my backside, wishing the hands belonged to someone else. Once I finish that dance, we can move on to other things.

Perhaps you are familiar with the Brazilian masquerade carnivals? I love them because it allows me to be someone else and role play. I love role playing, especially when it includes taking a man’s fantasies out of his thoughts and into reality. There are so many possibilities for becoming a man's ultimate fantasy, and sometimes it is as easy as adding a simple costume or mask. Costume play is so fun! Some men get excited by the thought of a sexy nurse playing with his thermometer. Another man might become aroused by a petulant police officer vixen who frisks and handcuffs him. To enhance an evening, I own several costumes including chaste cheerleader, lewd librarian and perky Playboy Bunny. Perhaps you are imagining the leather-clad biker babe who straddles her motorcycle, becoming aroused from the vibration and roar of the engine? Use your imagination to come up with something saucy!

Did I mention my sexy, sultry voice? My vocal range enables me to fit any role you request. In the heat of the moment, my primal cries are profound. I moan loudly when excited because I want my man to know how much I am appreciating our exploits. If dirty talk is your thing, you must give me a call! I predict you’ll love what I intend to whisper in your ear!

The best part of the job for me is that I get to meet new men and indulge my own fantasies. The things I do best are adored by most. I am young, yet very open-minded and accommodating. I can spend a few hours or all night. It is up to you. You will definitely be happy when you are with me. I won't let you down, Sweetheart. So call me and tell me where to meet you. It is time we perform our own masquerade carnival. Just decide what costumes you want me to bring, and I’ll arrive ready to play!

  • Phone: 702-466-1229
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 5'2
  • Ethnicity: Brazilian
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 121
  • Type: Escort
  • Availability: Outcall
  • Measurements: Not Listed

Disclaimer: Money exchanged for outcall entertainment services is for Shaista's time and companionship only 😍.