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The real deal…you are probably taking a close look at these photos of a slender, curvy and olive-skinned body. One can easily become mesmerized and lose himself in my eyes. Now you probably want to know how I can entertain you with my stunning characteristics. I will leave that to your imagination. I never say no! That is a word most women are quite familiar with, but not me. My favorite word is yes. Yes, my clothes will fall off slowly as I dance for you. Yes, my fingers will wander down my g-string as I imagine interesting positions I would love to be in. Yes, I love the taboo that most women refuse to admit they enjoy. Yes, I find new experiences to be a turn on. Yes, I want you to call me now so I can tell you all this in person. My name is Samantha, and I would love an invite to wherever you are!

Let’s explore those naughty thoughts of yours! Do you love to be dominated by a bossy beauty shouting commands? Or do you prefer a submissive sweetheart who is going to wait for direction, hanging on your every word? I can be either, and enjoy both immensely. When I was only 20 years old, an ex introduced me to BDSM, and let me tell you, I loved that wild ride! Donning leather to dominate or submit to a lover’s demands makes me feel right at home.

While I do like to dress for play, I can slip on a cocktail dress and escort you to your corporate function before we play in private. I would love to shower you with affection and attention as your counterparts become envious of the gorgeous date on your arm. Perhaps you seek stimulating conversation over an intimate dinner before a show. Are you from out of town? Are you attending a convention and want a local to show you the wondrous sites of the City of Lights? We can enjoy an uplifting night on the town, and you can decide from there what we do next. To your every suggestion, my answer is yes.

Are you a gambler who needs some lady luck on your side while you roll the dice? After a few games, we can retreat to a room and start our own sensual show. Settle into your chair and savor some wine as I release pulsating passion into the air with my choreography. As you watch me, be sure to consider what you want our next move to be. Will we stay in or go back out? Will we slip into the jacuzzi together or just unwind as we become acquainted? It is all up to you. The choice is always yours, and my answer is always yes.

Do you have a penchant for lingerie, pantyhose or sexy shoes? Is there something you want that you are hesitant to discuss? I am open to nearly anything! I’ve never had a difficult time detailing to men exactly what I want, and expect you to feel so at ease with me. Don’t be shy, anything is negotiable. I am anxiously waiting for my phone to ring. My nipples are peaked and I am ready with anticipation for what the night has in store for us.

  • Phone: 702-466-1229
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  • Type: Escort
  • Availability: Outcall
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Disclaimer: Money exchanged for outcall entertainment services is for Samantha's time and companionship only 😍.