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Hey boys, it’s your girl Payton here. I am a blonde bombshell who always gets her man! Want to have a good time tonight? Do you see something here that you think will make you happy? Is it my plump and sultry lips? Or maybe my tight little ass or hard nipples waiting for the touch of your hands? You can have them all. Las Vegas is a place where you can ask for a woman's favors and receive them without fear of consequence. You can indulge in all the behaviors you've been dreaming about for years. Invite me to your hotel room and use me as you will. I never kiss and tell, and I put the sex in sexual.

What turns you on? Do you start to think dirty thoughts when you brush up against someone untouchable on a crowded bus or in line for your morning coffee? I love the sexual energy we all possess, and I am highly excited by a man who is unafraid to detail all the illicit thoughts he harbors day to day. I’m going to bet there is some forbidden fruit you lust after. The preacher’s wife? Your kid’s babysitter? There has to be someone you imagine coming to you in the dark of night and unleashing her feminine wiles on you. It’s completely natural to have such fantasies. Mine was always the principal of my high school. He carried about 30 extra pounds and was rocking a receding hairline, but somehow his confidence was sexy as hell. I lusted after him in private my entire senior year of high school. Of course, nothing ever happened between us, but to this day, when I see a man in a crowd that resembles Mr. Scottson, I’m instantly turned on!

I believe nearly every man has sexy secrets he would never share with a woman he is interested in for a long-term relationship. That’s the beauty of spending time with an escort who will hear everything you have to say, but never be sitting next to you in church or at your mother’s house for Sunday dinner. You can tell me anything and no judgement from me! Don’t worry, Hon, I’ve heard it all, and loved every minute. You men are some seriously twisted masterminds, and I love it! The more taboo, the more turned on I become. Tell me everything, my love. If you’d like, I’ll go first and tell you my most harbored secrets. Though I love to act mine out, so few are still fantasy!

I like a man who isn't afraid to express himself. Don't beg me to do something for you. Demand it. Then tell me while I'm doing it to do it some more. Talk dirty to me, and let me know that you like it. That gets me hot and makes me try even harder. You will have an evening tonight that will go immediately to the top of your list of awesome erotic encounters in life. This is what I do, and I want to do it for you tonight. Give me a call, and I can be there within the hour if you're staying in the city.

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Disclaimer: Money exchanged for outcall entertainment services is for Payton's time and companionship only 😍.