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My mother came from Ireland, my father came from Sweden and my ass came from heaven. Take a good look at it and I think you will agree. Have you ever seen anything this tight, round and inviting? Which do you want more? Thinking about my ass in the picture or seeing, in person, my ass swinging invitingly in front of you as I pull my skirt up around my waist? You fantasize about your hands around my hips and your body pressed up against me. Let's get together and discuss what other fantasies you have in mind.

My name is Natasha, and a night with me just might ruin you for all other women! I'm always available to provide the entertainment that young, blonde, barely legal escorts provide. I'm youthful and enthusiastic and enjoy providing pleasure to men. I take requests, and I do role-play, so let me know what you want and what you want me to wear when I come to your hotel room. Want me to tie my hair up in pigtails and wear my school girl outfit? Put me in a tiny outfit and you'll see what the word hot really means!

I’m an overachiever, and always have been. Since I was a young girl in dance class, I had to be front and center with perfected moves. I’d train in front of my bedroom mirror for hours until I knew I had the dance down to a science. I was a straight-A student who would argue grades with teachers when I felt slighted. I’d had my fill of academics when I graduated high school a semester before my peers, and headed straight to Vegas for a faster life that kept me on my toes. I am enrolled part-time in school, but have yet to decide what I want to major in. I’d missed out on a social life in high school while being laser-focused on my studies and am making up for it now! This amazing city gives me the release I crave. And amazing men who can’t get enough of this slender body fuel my addiction for being worshiped.

The power felt when I know I have a man’s full attention is my lifeline to feeling desired. I love every second and really get into my striptease from the moment it begins. Girls I talk to here at Las Vegas Escorts tell me about shopping sprees for high-end clothing and lingerie. I just laugh and tell them I’d never purchase anything I wouldn’t want to be ripped or torn. I get pretty intense when I’m taking it all off for you. I don’t mind a popped button or hastily broken zipper if it means it accentuates our lustful encounter. Torn panties? Why not, they are sexy as hell, but didn’t cost a fortune! It’s worth every penny to immerse you into the action with my frenzied strip.

You can call on any number of blonde Vegas escorts tonight, but are you sure you are going to be presented with a menacing minx who wants to make a mess of that room of yours? You are going to experience something so impassioned when I am on the scene. Let’s kick back and go a little nuts together!

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Disclaimer: Money exchanged for outcall entertainment services is for Natasha's time and companionship only 😍.