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The LVE Group LLC Network (City Coverage)

Published By Blue On Fri, December 21, 2012 - 4:52

We’re putting this article/post together to keep our advant fans and without question in the know. LVE Group LLC Advertising, Inc. is a global network of geographic advertising sites that allow individual adult entertainers a place to create a profile and mingle with perspective hobbyist. The LVE Group LLC advertising platform differentiates it’s self just a bit from the normal escort directory/classified site in the respect that we wanted to provide the entertainer a place to add as much information they felt they needed to promote themselves e.g. Ter Reviews, Email, Phone, Current Location, FB Fan Page, etc. but more importantly a place that hobbyist could go to to get verified real photos, videos, a real reviews from clients and hobbyist alike with no BS. When we started building this network we thought that it be best that we try to accommodate everyone but business based on that broken model just doesn’t work. The fact of the matter is there’s entertainers who provide extrodinary entertainment in different cities all across the world, there’s also escort services that hold a high standard and make sure that the girls or guys they hire follow suit, these are the individuals and companies that LVE Group LLC wishes to show case on our sites because what we’ve come to find out is that for every valid escort or escort service there’s hundreds that don’t make that cut and when possible they take advantage of an already broken system, we’d like to help break that system. We’re trying to build a network or system if have you that holds the advertisers accountable via our rating system that you’ll find on each profile page. If you would like to know a little more about how the rating system will work [you can read up on it here][1].


We’ll be updating this page often so if you would like to stay informed on our progress grab our RSS Feed. Currently LVE Group LLC is offering advertising in a number of cities: