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LVE Group LLC Rating System

Published By Blue On Sat, December 22, 2012 - 10:13

E = mc2… unfortunately it’s not as elaborate as Einsteins algorithm but we do have a pretty cool baziye rating system that will allow us to populate the best results for you based on your criteria. The rating system best works for private members of LVE Group LLC because within your profile you can set specific features, attributes, services that you prefer and based on those settings your search will comb through hundreds or thousands of postings depending on the city and list the most relevant ads for you and the cool thing about it is that it will know what you want in any city that you’re at. For instance, if you signed up as a private member on the Las Vegas website and you travel to LA and use our Los Angeles website the results would know what type of interests you have and list the ads accordingly. That’s for all of the LVE Group LLC websites, US, Europe, Asia, etc. Another important metric and probably the most important to this rating system is the input of existing members that rate the advertisers, this is one of the social networking aspect of our site. Hobbyists know what they want, they know what they don’t want and allowing the Hobbyists (private members) to control who’s profiles get seen the most, etc is the best thing we can do to insure only the best of the best are voted up.