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Chirs Brown & Rihanna Back On Again

Published By Blue On Sun, December 30, 2012 - 12:39:01

On Christmas day 2012, for the first time, Rihanna and Chris Brown displayed the fact openly that they are back together again as they watched the Lakers defeated the Knicks, 100 to 94. This after Chris Brown was convicted acts of domestic violence against Rihanna for which he is still serving probation.

Celebrities and those who follow them have always debated whether those who enjoy the admiration of the masses have the added responsibility of acting as a role model. This is, of course, somewhat context-related. Rihanna has more obligation than most to set her behavioral bar higher. Her decision to enter back into a relationship with a man, who very serious physically abused her, sends a message to young girls, women and men everywhere that such violent behavior is acceptable. There is no doubt, that there will be girls and women who will suffer violent abuse or worse because of the example Rihanna is setting. Some men will view Chris Brown’s behavior as glorifying and satisfying.

No parent wants their daughter to be the victim of violence. And no parent wants their son to grow into the kind of man who perpetrated such crimes. Women who are attracted to, and return to men who are abusive have a strong tendency to have low self-esteem. It is thus incumbent upon every mother and father to raise girls with healthy self-images so they can be with people that they truly choose to be with – and not regulated by some low-bar default mechanism, and to raise boys with the same unconditional love and support, who will grow into men who treat women as they would like and deserve to be treated.

Domestic violence has very high rate of recidivism. Chris Brown will hit and bruise again. It’s not a matter of if – only when. There can be no doubt that a future Rihanna will look back and call here present-day self, “naïve” or worse. Hopefully she’ll live to make such statements.